Sunday Racer Character WIP

Work In Progress / 07 October 2021

An outfit I've been working on in my free time. It's based on the concept art by Gui Guimaraes. It has this great racer vintage feel which I wanted to make and it gave me a chance to work more with Marvelous. 

Everything so far has been done in MD other than the sole of the shoe and the glove loop for the strap. I'm simming at 2x the size for better folds. Sim gets quite heavy and because of this I the outfit, gloves, and shoes in different files.

Questions and feedback are welcome!

Current reference board.

25/12/21 WIP Update: Work on the helmet. I found out the closest helmet the matches the reference is the 1950s Chapal racing helmet. I have a solidify modifier on in these screenshots and still have to smoothen on the edges.

31/12/21 WIP Update: Leather sim for the inside of the helmet. The helmet came in canvas, leather covered, and painted. I'm going for all leather.

28/1/22 - WIP Update: Inner helmet work. The string was too problematic so I'll add that in later and not sim it.

2/2/22 - Still working on the sim and modeling but I wanted to research a bit of how I would process the MD patterns for the high-poly. I've come to the conclusion that exporting the MD patterns as tris with the weld setting on with UVs is the best. In Zbrush I can then polygroup by UVs and then zremesh and get something quite nice. 

I also tried splitting up the patterns and then adding thickness with 0 bevel or polish to maintain the shape but the problem with that is small gaps still show up and fixing all those will consume too much time. I initially did this thinking I could get some nice 3D seams with definition but honestly they're too defined and once baked they look like hard-surface panels. The better approach is what I mentioned before and then just adding the details with the dam standard brush. 

I also ran polish by feature to remove/smooth out the micro jitter in the wrinkles that come with MD garments. 

20/11/22 - Was able to work on this a bit more. Started looking at the sleeves again to see whether they were rolled up or short sleeves with an undershirt sticking out. With the help of some friends I decided the sleeves are rolled up with a tight cuff. I also redid the racing stripes on the arms. 

21//11/22 - Tweaking more of the pants. Also changed the inside shape of the pockets.

Sabot Rifle WIP

General / 04 November 2023

A firearm based on a concept by Ben Bolton. Not overly complex but with enough interesting design and futuristic features for a first firearm.  

Since the muzzle and barrel are so huge I figured the ammunition for this can be sabot rounds. This is why the bolt is so chunky! 

Many details still remain. 

Once finished, we (Discord group) might mod this into Starfield if possible. Hope the CK comes out soon. 


Concept by Ben Bolton.

PRC-6 Radio WIP

Work In Progress / 14 December 2022

A Vietnam War era radio I'm currently working on. Aim is to make it as accurate as possible and hit hero prop level quality while still staying fairly game-ready.

All Sub-D modeling in Blender. Straps were simed in MD.

19/2/22 - Progress on the LP. 

The Shikari Interview for Digital Production Magazine

Article / 25 February 2022

Wanted to make a little blog post for this to keep on my Artstation. My Shikari artwork was featured in the Jan-Feb 2022 issue of Digital Production magazine. Excited to see my breakdown and interview next to works like Dune!

Thank you to 

I won 1st place in the amateur category for the Marvelous Designer x Hunt: Showdown design contest which was held back in September 2020.

Mughal Pen Box WIP

Work In Progress / 24 December 2021

Edit: Finished -

Been at this 17th century Mughal pen box for sometime. Had taken a break and I'm trying to work on it in my free time. 

Some older wip shots with new zbrush screengrabs. Giving the gold inlay imperfections and roughing up the gems. The materials are WIP as well.

Original reference at the end. This box has gold, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds.  

Real life reference: